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That’s 76cm x 102cm for folks not using freedom units.

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from the SAG-AFTRA press release:

Any game looking to employ SAG-AFTRA talent to perform covered work must sign on to the new Tiered-Budget Independent Interactive Media Agreement, the Interim Interactive Media Agreement or the Interim Interactive Localization Agreement. These agreements offer critical A.I. protections for members.

Negotiations began in October 2022 and on Sept. 24, 2023, SAG-AFTRA members approved a video game strike authorization with a 98.32% yes vote. Although agreements have been reached on many issues important to SAG-AFTRA members, the employers refuse to plainly affirm, in clear and enforceable language, that they will protect all performers covered by this contract in their A.I. language.

“We’re not going to consent to a contract that allows companies to abuse A.I. to the detriment of our members. Enough is enough. When these companies get serious about offering an agreement our members can live — and work — with, we will be here, ready to negotiate,” stated SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher.

“The video game industry generates billions of dollars in profit annually. The driving force behind that success is the creative people who design and create those games. That includes the SAG-AFTRA members who bring memorable and beloved game characters to life, and they deserve and demand the same fundamental protections as performers in film, television, streaming, and music: fair compensation and the right of informed consent for the A.I. use of their faces, voices, and bodies. Frankly, it’s stunning that these video game studios haven’t learned anything from the lessons of last year - that our members can and will stand up and demand fair and equitable treatment with respect to A.I., and the public supports us in that,” said Crabtree-Ireland.

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A Tennessee woman was sentenced Wednesday to over three years in prison for using threats and violence to interfere with the operation of a New York City reproductive health center in the early days of the pandemic in 2020.

Bevelyn Beatty Williams, 33, of Ooltewah, Tennessee, was sentenced in Manhattan federal court to three years and five months behind bars by Judge Jennifer L. Rochon.

She noted that Williams organized the June 2020 protest at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Manhattan and livestreamed it, bragging about it afterward, even though the hand of a worker at the clinic was injured when Williams tried to push a door closed as the worker attempted to let a volunteer enter.

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Three Chinese students are under investigation over footage captured by a drone of a United States aircraft carrier and naval facilities in South Korea in June, local police said on Wednesday.

The suspects are aged between 30 and 49 and are studying in Busan, a port city located on the southeastern coast of South Korea, where U.S. Navy aircraft carriers frequently visit.

The Chinese nationals were caught flying a drone toward South Korea's Naval Operations Command in Busan where aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt was docked on June 25, local police said. They are accused of illegally filming the vessel and military facilities.

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In a shocking move on Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee moved to crush U.S. inquiries into a Chinese sports doping scandal, by threatening to reject Salt Lake City's bid to host the Winter Games in 2034.

In a series of fierce statements coordinated by IOC President Thomas Bach, top IOC committee members blasted U.S. officials for opening probes into handling of the China case by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Ingmar De Vos, an IOC committee member from Belgium said a probe by the U.S. Congress and a criminal investigation launched by the U.S. Department of Justice"are extremely worrying and basically, for us, unacceptable."

In an unprecedented move, the IOC demanded that officials in Utah — along with U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) — sign a contract affirming "respect" for the authority of WADA in exchange for Wednesday's agreement to hold the 2034 Winter Games in Salt Lake City.

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But bosses' resemblance to toddlers doesn't end with their credulity. A toddler's path to getting that eye-height candy-bar goes through their exhausted parents. Your boss's path to realizing the productivity gains promised by an AI salesman runs through you.

A new research report from the Upwork Research Institute offers a look into the bizarre situation unfolding in workplaces where bosses have been conned into buying AI and now face the challenge of getting it to work as advertised:


The headline findings tell the whole story:

  • 96% of bosses expect that AI will make their workers more productive;
  • 85% of companies are either requiring or strongly encouraging workers to use AI;
  • 49% of workers have no idea how AI is supposed to increase their productivity;
  • 77% of workers say using AI decreases their productivity.
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